Field History

This lesson will focus on showing the user how to look at each field header's history within a SOAP Note, as well as how to print a copy of a field history.

SOAP Note Fields

SOAPnote Fields

Each field within a SOAP Note has a field history or a recount of structured SMARText items and/or free text entered into each field for a particular patient.  Lets take a look at the steps to view and print a field history for a patients Medications field.

History Rx

History Rx

Right click on the Medications header, or right click within the Medications field.  From the drop down, select  History Rx.

Medications Field History

Medications Field History

Generalized points of interest:

  • A user is able to click the Print button, in order to have a hard copy of a particular field history.
  • A patient's name and specific chart number will be displayed at the top of the Field History dialog box.
  • SMARText items and/or free text that has ever been entered into a field, will be divided by visit date, and organized showing the most recent visit to the oldest of visits.
  • A user is not able to alter or make changes/additions within the Field History dialog box.

Specific to the Medications field:

  • All medications within SOAP Notes, will be presented in the field history regardless of if the medication was prescribed via Rx Manager, or through printing a prescription through Document Designer.