Printing Flow Sheets

Filter Settings

Filter Settings

The filter options specified at the top of the flow sheets chart section ("Show All" has been selected in this screenshot),  will determine what will print when a user selects the flow sheet to print by clicking on it in the Flow Sheets list, then clicking on the print button found under the lower splitter bar (or Press Ctrl + Alt + P).

Select Information to Print

Select Information to Print

A user will be prompted to select if he or she would like to print the entire document, the current displayed document, or specific documents.  The entire document option will be the default for printing.  Once the user selects what will be printed from the three options, Click Print.

Print Preview- Print Options

Print- A user can select a printer, number of copies, as well as select a few other printing options.

Quick Print- A user has the option to set a default printer so that he/she can quickly send a document to a specified printer.

*Note: There is a header at the top of the information displayed, which indicates we are looking at a protime flow sheet in particular (which is the name of the actual flow sheet document), as well as gives the patient's name.

Print Preview- Page Setup

Orientation- A user has the option of selecting portrait or landscape prior to printing the flow sheets document.  Landscape will be the default.

Scale- Stretch or shrink the information displayed on the document.

Size- Select the paper size.

Margins- Select the margin sizes for the entire document.

Custom Margins- A user has the option to indicate custom margin sizes for the entire document.

Print Preview- Navigation and Zoom

Navigation- A user is able to quickly navigate between pages of a document should there be multiple.

Zoom- A user is able to zoom in, out, specify a percentage to zoom the document to, as well as utilize the magnifier and hand tools.

Print Preview- Export to

A user has several options of the export type he or she would like to perform.

Print Preview- Email to

A user has numerous file types he or she can convert a document to before emailing.

*Note: Please ensure that a recipient's email address is HIPAA Compliant prior to sending Patient Health Information.

Print Preview- Close

A user can close out of the print preview window at any time by clicking the red X.