Practice Management New Features

Print Receipt

Based on user feedback, SOAPware has modified the "Print Receipt After Saving" box to be unchecked by default.  Therefore, when a user records a patient payment, the user must check the box if a receipt is needed.

Zooming and Image Editing Features Added to Patient Account

Zoom features

New image editing features have been added to images when scanned into the patient account.  Imaging tools include the following:

  • Box
  • Circle
  • Arrow
  • Drawing
  • Highlighter
  • Text box
  • Pin stamp with text box
  • Arrow with text box
  • Image box
  • Stamp tool
  • X tool
  • Black out tool
  • Zoom In
  • Zoom Out
  • Zoom to original size

Ability to Delete Payments Across Multiple Accounts

Based on user request, we have added a feature that allows the user to delete a payment that has been applied across multiple accounts.

When a payment is spread across multiple accounts, the user can open one patient account and delete the applied payment from the ledger.  When this is done, SOAPware will immediately open the Payment window and require the user to either zero out the remaining balance or delete the entire payment.  The user will be able to add the remaining payment balance to a patient already listed on the payment or select an additional patient to apply the payment to.

Updates to Adjustment Reason Codes

SOAPware has updated the Adjustment Reason Codes that are available in the database. The new codes are available and can be viewed by going to Tools > Billing Maintenance > Claim Adjustment Reason Maintenance.

SOAPware has added a new dialog box where the Billing user can enter a web address for patients to use to make online payments

Edit Group

To enter your online payment web address, go to Tools > Manage Groups, then Edit the group.  Check the box to indicate that the group accepts online payments, then enter the web address that you wish to direct patients to pay online.


A message will be added to the patient statements to indicate that they can make an online payment at the web address you inserted.