Locked Tabs

Unlocking Patient Account Tabs

Locked Tabs due to Patient Account and Patient Chart In Use at the same time

When a patient chart is open, and a user tries to access the same patient's account while the chart is still open, certain tabs will be locked, as shown in the screen shot here. This will prevent any updates or changes made by one user from getting overwritten by another user. To unlock the tabs, the patient chart will have to be closed.

Tab/View is currently locked by another user

If a patient account is in use, and another user accesses the same patient account, you will get an alert that the view is currently locked by another user, and certain tabs will be locked, as shown in this screen shot.

Unlocking a Locked Tab

Unlocking a Locked Tab

To unlock a locked tab, Click on the lock icon. Lock Information dialog will display the User, Machine and Date/Time another user was viewing this account, causing it to lock. Verify that nobody else is currently trying to edit/add information to the patient account, and click the Unlock button. Removing a lock may cause data loss. You will be prompted to verify that you want to unlock the view. Click Yes or No.