Patient Account Tabs in Read Only

The majority of patient account tabs will be greyed out as the Ledger is in the screenshot below:

The Print Receipt button under the Ledger tab will no longer accessible. 

Flags/Notes Tab

The Flags and Notes will continue to be accessible and editable by a user if needed, but no new flags or notes can be added.

Claims Tab

In the Claims Tab, users will have access to the list of patient claims, but will not be allowed to edit any claims.

*NOTE: Any claims that need to be re-submitted after Soapware sunset can be done on Trizetto’s website.

Statement Tab

Users will have access to the Statement Tab, and will be allowed to print any listed. SOAPware suggests running statements the day of SOAPware sunset, and if any patient has a balance, a Custom Code may be created in the user’s new billing software (i.e. “Balance Forward from SW”), then the balance can be applied to the patient account in the new billing software.

*NOTE: Statements can be exported to an RTF file and opened as a Word document, which can be edited as patient balances change. These statements can be printed and re-mailed. 

SOAPware also recommends running a statement on a test patient with a .01 cent balance, exporting the statement to an RTF file, and saving it to Word (check export watermarks). This can then be used as a “Generic Statement” for all patients since it can be edited.

Insurance Tab

Insurance policies will be accessible for viewing company name, policy and insured information; however no changes can be made. All scanned images (i.e. insurance cards or photo id) and eligibility reports will be accessible and printable, but no scanned images can be added nor can eligibility be checked.