Extracting Insurance Companies

It is possible to copy data from the Insurance Company Manager list, which contains the name, address, phone, city, state and zip code. This list does not contain the payer ID of the company because this is the payer ID for Trizetto, and if a site will be using a different clearinghouse it will not be necessary.  If the site continues to use Trizetto with the new billing software, the payer ID's will need to be manually entered into the Excel spreadsheet that can be created using the following instructions:

Open Insurance Company List

Go to Tools > Insurance Companies

Highlight List

Click on the first insurance company to highlight it. Press and hold the Shift key while scrolling down and click on the last insurance company so that all lines are highlighted blue.

Copy and Paste List

On the keyboard, press "Ctrl C" to copy. Open a blank Excel spreadsheet and press "Ctrl V" to paste.  

The document can be saved and edited as needed, including adding the payer ID's manually.