More Info Property and Casualty Tab-Claim Level

Billing -> Patient Account -> New Charges Tab ->More Info


Billing->Patient Account->Claims tab->Select claim from list->More Info

The More Info dialog consists of several tabs for additional visit information needed by payers to process claims. Many specialties require specific dates, certification numbers, etc. Additional information can be added by clicking on the appropriate tabs. The information entered here will be at the claim level and will apply to all charges within the claim. Unless this additional information is required by the payer for your specialty, do not add any additional information.

For charge level only information, you can add information in the Charge Details by double clicking on a specific charge in New Charges tab or when editing charges in the patient Claims tab.

More Info Property and Casualty Tab

More Info Property and Casualty Tab

Claim Number: This is a property and casualty payer-assigned claim number. Providers receive this number from the property and casualty payer during eligibility determinations or some other communication with that payer.

Contact Name: Required when the Subscriber contact is a person other than the person identified in the Subscriber Name.

Contact Phone: Required when this information is deemed necessary by the submitter.

Patient ID Type: Select Patient ID Type or Do not Send

Patient ID: Enter Patient ID

First Contact Date: This is the date the patient first consulted the service provider for this condition. The date of first contact is the date the patient first consulted the provider by any means. It is not necessarily the Initial Treatment Date.

Service Facility

Contact: Service Facility Contact Information

Phone: Service Facility Contact Phone