Payment Summary Report

A report for showing the payments by payment type that have been entered during a specified time period.

Payment Summary Report Options

Payment Summary Report Options

1. Start Date and End Date: Select a date range in which to see all of the payments entered.

2. User: If wanting to run the Payment summary for a particular user, select the appropriate user from the drop down.

3. Exclude Posted Only: Posted Only refers to payments that were only officially posted on the current date, but have a different (previous) Entered Date. This situation would occur if you took a pre-payment for a patient, but did not officially post the payment to their account that day (and it remained in the patient's Pre-Pay bank), but you did deposit the check at the bank. On the day that you do post those charges to the patient's account, if you do not want that payment on your payment summary report (because it has already been deposited), you can check the Exclude Posted Only box. If you would like to see those items on your Payment summary, if you leave the Exclude Posted Only check box UNchecked, you will see those items listed as Posted in their status. In addition, you will be able to see both the Entered Date and the Posted Date, should any confusion arise.

4. Group by User: Checking this box will show payments entered by user (unless a specific user has been selected already).

Payment Summary Sample for all Users

Payment Summary Sample for all Users

1. The Date Range for the Payment Summary data.

2. Date Run: The date the report is generated

3. Indicates how the report is run: By User or All Users

4 & 5:  Payment Types: Cash, Check, Credit Card, Insurance payment, etc.

6. Payment Status (Posted): Indicates that the payment was officially posted to the patient's ledger during the date range specified. Refer to the Date Posted column for the item to see the specific post date. This status will have both an Entered Date and a Posted Date. Depending on the circumstances, in some cases, these 2 dates may not be the same.

7. Payment Status (Unapplied): Indicates any payments that were taken from the patient and entered, but not officially applied toward any charges. (Will pertain to Co-Pays and Pre-Pays). This status will show an Entered Date, but no Posted Date.

8. Payment Status (Nonposted): Indicates any payments that have been entered into the system, applied to charges, but have not been posted to the patient's ledger. These payments will be found in the patient's New Charges tab of their patient account. This status will show an Entered Date, but no Posted Date.

9. Date Entered: The date that the payment was entered and saved for a particular patient.

10. Date Posted: The date that the payment was posted to the patient's ledger.

11. Type: Indicates the type of payment (will be a Co-Pay, Pre-Pay, or Payment).

12. Patient Name: The patient to whom the payment was saved.

13. Account No.: The account number for the patient indicated.

14. Reference Number: Will indicate any information that was typed in as a reference for the payment when it was taken. (Could be a check number, credit card type, etc.)

15. Amount: The amount of the payment that was stored for the patient indicated.

16. Daily Deposit lists: Payment total for each method of payment applied for the day.

17. Report Totals: Total for payment statuses.