Create Manually Posted Insurance Payment

Access from the main menu ->  Billing -> Post Insurance Payments

Select Payer/Insurance Company from Drop Down list of existing Payers in the Insurance Company Maintenance

1. Use Drop Down to Select a Payer from the list

2. Type Check number shown on the Remit

3. Click the Create button

Add Remit Information as shown on EOB

4. Select Billing Provider/Pay to Information from the drop down list in the Group Section

5. Enter Check date. This is for internal use and will not be used for any reporting date. It can be the check date, date entered, etc.

6. Select Payment Method.

7. Select date remit is created/deposited. If applying payments from a check that was posted previously, the deposit date can be typed here and this payment will show on the Payment Summary to balance with your deposit for that day. To exclude it from the Payment Summary on the Posted Date, place a check mark in Exclude Posted Only, and it will not be included when balancing to the deposit for that day.

Note: Reporting and Patient Ledger will not display this date.  It's only for informational purposes in the payment details. The patient ledger will display payment on the Post Date. The payment(s) will be included in the End of Day reporting on the Date Posted. If the Date Posted is in a different month than the Check Date/Date Entered, the ledger and month end reporting will be reported by the Post date. The Payment Posting date cannot be changed.

8. Type Check amount shown on the check

9. Click the Select Patient button


Select the Patient account for Payment

Select the Patient account for Payment

10. Type the Patient account number shown on the Remit or Click on the Chart Rack button to search for the Patient.

11. Click Select to Open the Patient account

View of Payment Posting window with Patient Selected for Payment

When selecting a patient, the account number shown on the remit is the Claim number assigned to the visit. When patient is opened, the grid will go directly to the claim number that was entered.

After all payments have been applied and the Remaining amount is zero, the Print Payment button will create a report listing payments applied for reference. The report can be displayed or printed, or can be exported and saved to a file on your computer.

Refer to next lesson for applying payments to visits. Introduction to Insurance Payment Posting