Resubmit Claims Rejected by Clearinghouse

Billing -> Claims Manager -> Submitted Tab

Edit and resubmit claims that have been rejected by the Clearinghouse. Columns can be sorted by clicking on the column headers. Additional filtering can be done by clicking on the filter icon to specify payers, patients, claim status, etc.

Select Claim for Correction

Click the Submitted tab, filter by Date of Service, locate claim by Claim Number or Patient Name, and double click line item to open Claims tab in Patient Account.  


Edit Claim

If rejection is for Visit information, click the More Info button.

If rejection is connected to Charge details, double click the line item in Charges section of the Claims tab.

Repeat for each rejected claim, if applicable. For additional instructions on making corrections to claims, please see On Hold lesson


Scrub Corrected Claims

Click to highlight the corrected claim, or select multiple to scrub by holding down the Shift or Ctrl key and highlighting all.

Click Scrub.

Submit Corrected Claims

When claims have passed the Scrubbing Process, have no errors and are moved to the Ready to Submit section, they are ready to submit to the Payer.

Select one or more claims to submit to Payer.

  • To submit only the Electronic claims in the Ready to Process section, Click the Generate Electronic button
  • To Print only the Paper Claims in the Ready to Process section, Click the Print Claims button
  • To submit some but not all claims, click to highlight the claims and then click the Submit Selected button.

Note: To automatically upload claims to Gateway EDI, you must have the required information setup in Claims Options .

Note: To correct and resubmit a claim that has been rejected by the Payer, see Resubmit Claims Rejected by Payer/Insurance Company.