Delete an insurance payment from visit

Delete and reapply a previously posted insurance payment from the patient's ledger

Deleting an insurance payment from a patient visit

Prior to deleting payment, double click on the payment line and make note of the Claim number for reference.

1. Click the X next to the Posted date for the payment that will be deleted.

2. Click Yes to continue deleting the payment, or No to cancel.

3. Close the patient account, or press ESC key to exit.

Go to Billing->Post Insurance Payments.

4. Click Create/Load Payment to view list of open remits.

Select Remit to edit

Select Remit to edit

5. Click on the remit/post date containing the deleted payment.

6. Click Select to open the remit.

Select Claim to edit

Note the Check amount and Remaining balance is showing as it was prior to Posting remit to patient ledger.

7. Click Select Patient button.

8. Enter Claim number.

9. Click Select to open payment details.


View Payment details

View details of previously applied payment.

10. Click to highlight Payment Amount and hit the delete key on your keyboard.

11. Click to highlight Provider Paid amount and hit the delete key on your keyboard.

12. Select Next Action for the claim. Note: If the claim was set to patient responsibility from previous posting, the claim status will remain as Processed, and patient will receive a statement on this charge, if there is a balance due. To prevent a statement from generating, you will need to select Refile, Wait for Additional Payment, File Secondary-Paper or Crossover-Pending Secondary. This will change the claim status to Submitted, Pending Scrub or On Hold.

13. Click Save Claim.

Select correct Patient/Claim number to reapply payment

14.Note the remaining balance is the amount that was deleted.

15. Enter Claim/Patient account to reapply payment.

16. Click the Select button.

Reapply payment to correct claim

17. Enter payment amount.

18. Enter provider paid amount.

19. Select Next Action for the claim.

20. Save Claim.

Print/Export Payment report and re post remit

Note the Remaining Balance is zero and the Post Payment button is activated for re posting. Also note that the original post date will remain and this is the date that will be reflected on the corrected patient's payment ledger

21.  Print or Export and Save payment posting report.

22. Click Post Payment.

23. Click OK.

Until the remit is re posted, payments for each claim included in the remit will not appear on the patient ledger as paid, and patient account details cannot be viewed from ledger.