Add Charges in Ledger

Add Custom Charges to patient account from within the Ledger Tab. Select Patient Account from Chart Rack and Click on the Ledger Tab

Note: Charges entered from the Ledger Tab will not be sent to the Claims Manager and submitted to Insurance. This option is for miscellaneous items unrelated to CPT or HCPCS charges

Add Charges in Ledger Tab

1. Click the Add Charge button. Select Charge dialog opens

2. Begin Typing Charge Code or Search by Code number or Description. Search includes Custom Charge Maintenance codes and CPT/HCPCS codes and must be included in the Default Fee Schedule to populate the Charge amount.

3. Click the Select button.

Custom Charge Details

Custom Charge Details

Charge Details window opens for editing. If the Charge amount is blank, the code has not been setup in the default fee schedule. You can manually add the amount by typing the charge amount. Click Save

View Custom Code in Ledger

Charge is added to account ledger.