Apply Co-Pay/Pre-Pay to Visit

Apply Co-Pay/Pre-Pay to visit at check in

Apply Co-Pay/Pre-Pay to visit at check in

When a Co-Pay is taken at the time a patient checks in, it will be saved in the Unapplied Co-Pay section in the New Charges Tab. The Screen shot in this step is how the New Charges Tab will appear at Checkout after the Visit has been posted to the New Charges tab from the Chart section.

1. Click the Apply Co-Pay button to open Select Unapplied Co-Pay dialog.



Select Unapplied Co-Pay

Select Unapplied Co-Pay

1. Select the Co-Pay from the list of Co-Pays to be applied, by clicking to highlight.

2. Click Ok

1. Select the visit to which the Co-Pay will be applied by clicking to highlight.

2. Double click on the arrow inside the Applied column to insert the co-pay amount. To undo any applied amount before saving, simply double click again.

3. Click the Save button to save, or Cancel to exit without saving.

If the Disburse button is clicked, the Co-Pay will be disbursed to the oldest visit with a balance.

New Charges dialog opens. The Unapplied Co-Pay is zero, the payment is applied to the new charge and the Balance reflects the Payment.

4. Click the Post button to post transaction to the Patients Ledger.

Delete Co-Pay From Patient Ledger

Delete Co-Pay From Patient Ledger

1. Click Ledger Tab.

2. Locate the payment line item and Click the X next to the Posted date.

3. Click Yes to put the payment back into the Co-Pay Unapplied Amount and allow the user to reapply the Co-Pay to the correct visit/charge.

No will remove the payment from the system.

Cancel will cancel the delete process and return to Ledger details.

Note: Only users with security privileges will be allow to delete a payment.