Ledger Tab

A summary of the patient's financial activity.

Ledger Tab - Financial Summary

Ledger Tab - Financial Summary

Double click on any line item to drill down and get more details.

1. Add Adjustment: Add an adjustment for the individual patient account, as needed.

2. Add Charge: Add a non-billable charge to the patient. Charges entered from the ledger will not be billed to insurance. (All charges to be submitted to Insurance must be processed in New Charges.)

3. Add Payment: Add a Payment on the patient's account and apply across all charges.

4. Print Receipt: Print a patient receipt on demand

5. Create Claim: Create a Claim for visits posted prior to insurance information received. If a visit has already had claims produced, see Claims tab.

Payment lines are displayed in green shading, Adjustment lines in blue.

Charge Details

Charge Details

Double click any charge line item from the ledger to view the above details:

 1. Dates of Service

 2. Rendering Provider

 3. Procedure Code

 4. Units billed

 5. Charge per Unit

 6. Associated Diagnosis Codes

 7. Associated Modifiers

 8. Miscellaneous notes applying to the charge

 9.  Additional/Situational details relating to the procedure/charge at the charge level (Loop 2400)

10. Payments or Adjustments that have been applied towards the charge.

11. Totals for the Charges, Personal or Insurance Payments, Adjustments and Related Balance

12. Miscellaneous details pertaining to the charge

Personal Payment Details

Personal Payment Details

Double click any personal payment line item from the ledger to view the above details:

1. Payer: The person making the payment

2. Payment Details: Payment method and amount

3. Comments: Any miscellaneous information pertaining to the payment

4. Applied: Shows how the payment was applied across charges

Adjustment Details

Adjustment Details

Double click any adjustment line item from the ledger to view the above details:

1. Date: Date the adjustment was entered

2. Adjustment code

3. Adjustment Description

4. Amount: Total adjustment amount applied to the patient's charges

5. Applied: The line item view of how the adjustment was applied to each charge.