Schedule Tab

An overview of the patent's appointment details and history displayed on the Schedule tab.

Schedule Tab - Patient Appointments

Schedule Tab - Patient Appointments

1. Visit Detail: Summary of the overall length of the appointment

2. Scheduplate: The appointment type

3. Referral: Referring Provider

4. Facility:  Place of Service

5. Status: The status of the patient visit within the clinic's work flow. (This list is completely customizable by clinic.)

6. Recurrence: Sets recurrences of the visit, if needed.

7. Resources: Allows the scheduling of one to multiple resources for one visit

8. Visit Comments: Allows miscellaneous information and visit details to be entered and stored for the visit.

9. Verification: Indicates the date and user who verified the patient's insurance benefits and eligibility.

Note: If appointment is moved, or rescheduled, the verification will have to be rechecked

10. Check-In: Allows a patient to be checked in with the click of a button.

11. Take Co-Pay: Allows a patient's co-pay to be taken at the beginning of the visit.

12. Visit List: Displays all of the patient's past, current and future appointments to be displayed in one place, to help prevent double booking an appointment.

13. Today: Immediately selects the current day's visit.

14. Print Visit: Prints out the selected visit.

15. New Visit: Creates a new appointment for the patient.

Confirming Patient Appointments

Confirming Patient Appointments

By clicking the left and right arrows for a Resource, you can move to the previous or next appointment for that resource to confirm appointments, without ever having to go out and back in of each appointment on the Schedule.

When you want to mark a patient as Confirmed, you can select that status from the Status drop down as shown above and make a note in the visit columns, if you like.