Creating Scheduplates

Set up facility appointment types.

Scheduler -> Manage Scheduplates

Open the Scheduplate Manager.

1. Click on the Scheduler menu.

2. Select Manage Scheduplates.

Add a Scheduplate.

Click the Create New Template button.

Enter Scheduplate information.

1. Type in a Scheduplate Name and Abbreviation. The abbreviation will be shown on the appointment at a glance, and the full scheduplate name will be helpful in selecting the correct appointment type.

2. Select a Background color to show on the appointment.

3. Select a Foreground color for the text displayed. (After selecting the background and foreground colors, the sample text will display what the appointment will look like on the Schedule.)

Adding a Resource.

Click the Add Resource button.

Entering Resource time.

1. Select the Resource to whom the scheduplate will apply.

2. Enter the number of minutes needed, prior to the patient being seen by the Provider/Resource.

3. Enter the Duration of the appointment with the resource selected. This indicates the length of time needed with the Resource.

4. The Start Cushion indicates the amount of time needed to prepare the patient for the Provider/Resource's time. Enter the number of minutes by typing the number or clicking the arrows.*

5. The End Cushion allows for any follow up work related to the appointment to be indicated and accounted. Enter the number of minutes by typing the number or clicking the arrows.*

6. Click Save.

*Both the Start and the End Cushion are designed to help prepare for the full length of the appointment. These fields are not necessary to create a scheduplate.

Update Scheduplates.

Click Update to save the scheduplate.