Activate Providers/Resources for a Facility

Steps on how to set scheduling defaults.

To access the Scheduler, go to the SOAPware menu and click Schedule.

Add a Facility

1. Click on the Tools menu.

2. Select Manage Facilities.



Create a New Facility

Click the Create New Facility button, to setup a new facility. If you already have a facility setup, skip this lesson.


Click the Scheduler tab to setup the clinic's defaults.

Opening the Provider's Schedule Defaults

1. Click on a provider name.

2. Click Edit.

Making a Provider visible for the Clinic

1. Check the box next to Visible to activate the provider for the clinic.

2. Click OK.

Set Working Hours for the Provider

1. Click on a day.

2. Click Edit.

3. Enter the Start and End Times.

4. Check to make the Provider Available for that day, in the select clinic, if needed.

5. Click OK.