17. Custom Demographic Titles

Tools -> Custom Demographic Titles

The Custom Demographics section of the chart contains the information not otherwise contained elsewhere in the demographics area, but which may be needed in most patients' charts. Setting the custom demographics titles has changed slightly from SOAPware 4.x. Custom field 13 is a note or memo text box; it is used to store more information than the other fields.

By editing custom demographics titles, you can add additional demographic fields to SOAPware, with names that you assign them. To modify the custom demographics headings:

1. Click Tools-Custom Demographic Titles

2. You will see a list of custom demographics text boxes. The current name of each field is shown in an edit box where you can enter the new name.

3. Fill in as many of these fields as you wish, then click Save to save your changes.

4. Click Save, then close SOAPware and restart to see the new titles displayed.

Note: This setting will change the titles of all custom demographic fields on all patients in the database.