Download and Select Remits

Download Remits

Download Remits
  1. Go to Billing>Post Insurance Payments and click Create/Load Payments.
  2. Click  Download/Find New Remits. Progress bar will appear.

When progress bar finishes,a list appears with new remittances.

Create Manual Remit

Paper remits can be manually created and applied by typing the information necessary to activate the Create button.

View Archived Remit

  • When a remit is downloaded and posted, it can be viewed afterward by placing a check mark in the View Archived Remits box. These remits will list with a green background and when selected are not editable. Claims are listed in the Remit View window and details are seen as they were originally received in the 835 file.
  • Click the Print Report button to view edited payment details as they were applied to charges.
  • If remit needs to be edited at a later time, the payment must be deleted from the patient ledger and reopened for editing.

Select Remit for Posting

  • Each column can be sorted by clicking on the column header.
  • A green check mark is listed for all new remits. When a remit is Selected, check mark is removed.
  • The remit information shown is how it was returned by the payer in the 835 (ERA) file including Check Date, Payer Name, Check Number, Payment Method, Check Amount, and Post Method.
  • Red asterisk in the Errors column indicates some of the information in the file wasn't an exact match to the claim details in SOAPware, and will need to be corrected prior to Posting the remit. When corrected, the asterisk is removed.
  • Pink background indicates the payer ID, name, address or phone number is not an exact match with any payers currently set up in the Insurance Companies setup. (When selected for posting, these can be matched to a payer within SOAPware)
  • Yellow background alerts that this check number and check amount has been previously posted in SOAPware, and could possibly be a duplicate. (User must verify and delete the remit if it is a duplicate)

Select for posting by double clicking on the remit line or highlight and click the Select button.

Failed Remits

If a remit fails and cannot be automatically applied to claim(s), the remit must be printed from the clearinghouse website, then manually applied and posted. Failed remits are listed in the message and will continue to show in the list with each download until the remit is created, manually applied and Posted.