Claims Search

Quickly find a claim within the Claims Manager Working, Submitted or All tabs by Claim Number. Also view Total Claims in each section and  Total Amount for those claims.

Search for Claim On Hold, Pending or Ready to Submit by Claim Number. View Total Claims in each section or tab, and Total Amount of claims

1. Locate a claim On Hold, Pending Scrub or Ready to submit by typing the claim number into the Find Claim By Number field.

Search for Claim in Submitted and All tabs by Claim Number and Post Date

To search for claims that have been submitted to payers, click the Submitted tab in the Claims Manager. (Claims in Submitted tab have been uploaded to payers, but not processed. Any claim created will be in the All tab, regardless of status).

  1. Type the claim number into Find Claim by Number field.
  2. Select date range the for the claim Posted Date.
  3. Click the filter button.