SMARTtools and SMARTreports

A new reporting tool and clinical decision support tool has been added to SOAPware. These tools will help providers meet requirements for the following MU criteria:

  • Patient List creation: SMARTreports (View > Reporting > SMARTreports) allows the user to run various reports, including a patient list for patient with a certain dx, as required by MU.
  • Clinical Decision Support Rule: (Tools > SMARTtools > SMARTflow) allows the user to enable numerous clinical decision support rules related to CQMs and other rules in order to meet the measure as required by MU. These rules will automatically be enabled by default upon installation.
  • Patient Reminders: SMARTreports allows the user to run a patient reminder report for Stage 1 or Stage 2 criteria so that reminder can be provided.


SMARTreports allow the user to create patient list report based on various data fields.  Several SMARTreports will be defaulted into SOAPware upon installation of 7.0.2.  To review and run a SMARTreport, go to View > Reporting > SMARTreports.



SMARTflows allows the user to enable clinical decision support rules that will alert the user while documenting within the patient's chart.  Several clinical alerts will be defaulted into SOAPware upon installation of 7.0.2 and will be enable for users with a role of Clinical Admin, Clinician, Medical Assistant, and Nurse.  These alerts can be disable if desired.