Flow Sheets Changes

Flow Sheets Date Search

 Flow Sheets Date Search

In the flow sheets section users now have the option of viewing all results (by checking the Show All box) or filtering results by a customized date range.  In addition, the chosen date range will be reflected when the flow sheet is printed.

Flow Sheets Print Preview

When printing from the  flow sheets section users will now see a print preview window with many new features.

  1. Print: Options that allow users to select which printer to send to.
  2. Page Setup: Options including landscape and portrait orientations and the ability to adjust scale, size, and margins.
  3. Navigation and Zoom: Buttons to quickly view various pages of a multi-page flow sheet or to zoom in and out for a better view.
  4. Export: Options which allow for changing the file format and emailing; file types include PDF, HTML, MHT, XLS, XLSX, CSV, Text, and Image files.
  5. Header: There is now a header for printed flow sheets which contains the docutainer name and the patient's name.