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Q: Why do I get a "Connection Failed" error when attempting to update SMARText?

A: Downloading and updating SMARText Items depends on establishing and maintaining a consistent connection to the SOAPware Cloud Library servers.  Normally this is handled by your computer and network equipment and requires no additional effort on your part. In some cases, though, there may be problems in the chain of communication that can adversely impact the connection. 

If you receive "time out" errors when connecting to the Cloud Library, there are several possible causes: The first thing to do is to re-try the update later in the day or at a time that Internet or your network traffic is likely to be lower. Other considerations…


  1. A problem with that computer's network connection.  Test the connection by trying to access resources (files, printers, etc) that are stored on another computer on the local network.
  2. A problem in your local network.  There could be wires, hubs, or routers in your local network that are damaged or failing.  This would be indicated by widespread connectivity problems in your office, from multiple computers and in multiple applications.
  3. A problem with your internet service provider.  If your ISP's network is having trouble, you will have slow or reduced speed connections to the Internet.  Test this by trying to reach large, reliable sites (such as or by running speed tests (such as those at
  4. A problem with SOAPware's servers.  If you have verified that your computer, local network, and internet connect are all functioning properly, contact SOAPware to report your problem.  We can verify the state of our servers and connections and help you troubleshoot the problem.

In summary, there are a whole host of issues that can cause the connection to be problematic, resulting in time-outs. In the middle of the day, when Internet traffic is highest, one can expect there to be more problems. In contrast, updating in the middle of the night should result in the fewest problems with time-outs.