Resubmission Code and Original Reference Number

Indicating Claim Frequency Code, Payer Claim Control Number

Locate the claim

Locate the claim

Open the specific patient account, and click on the Claims Tab to locate the appropriate claim; OR double click on the correct claim from the Claims Manager.

  1. Click to highlight the appropriate claim in the Claims grid.
  2. Click on the More Info button.

Original Reference Number

Original Reference Number
  1. Click on the Misc Details tab.
  2. Under Original Reference Number, click the drop down for the Policy ID field and select an insurance company to associate the original reference number provided.
  3. To the left of the policy, enter the Original Reference Number assigned to the claim by the payer/insurance.
  4. Click Save.

Be sure to rebuild the claim, if it has already been generated, to update the claim data.

Place a check mark in the box to move claim to the On Hold section of Claims Manager, and open the Claims Manager workspace.

Resubmission Code

Resubmission Code
  1. Locate claim on hold and Rebuild the claim.
  2. Using the drop down menu option, select Resubmission Code. Replacement is the option for professional claims, Corrected is only for Institutional claims.
  3. Scrub claim and submit.